Claims Services

Claims Services

Atlanta, GA:  Les Sychak - 770.590.4950


Baltimore, MD: Patrick Dolan - 410.321.0314


Boise, ID:  Justin Watkins - 208.350.6477

Chicago, IL: Tim Westbrook - 630.369.1076


Dallas, TX:  Chad Rundell - 972.991.7223


Denver, CO:  Gary Czajkowski - 303.989.7902


Los Angeles, CA:  Doug Bland - 805.496.7181


St. Louis, MO:  Russell Day - 636.536.0832

Every successful business person knows that it's invaluable to have your company investments and assets protected. At Old Republic Aerospace, we approach our customers' claims in the same manner we would want our personal claims handled. Our dedicated claims specialists include aviation adjusters, attorneys and pilots who average over 15 years of aviation claims experience and can effectively manage all facets of aviation-related claims ranging from simple property damage to the most complex aviation accidents. Additionally, the claims team's partnership with our staff of aviation underwriting professionals and risk control experts assures a proactive approach to risk avoidance and mitigation.


Our mission.


The mission of the Old Republic Aerospace claims team is to act with the utmost professionalism to protect the interests and integrity of our clients by promptly and fairly resolving claims. Our goal is to help our clients get back to doing what they know best - operating their business or aircraft. We strive to provide the most professional comprehensive service in the industry.


First-rate service whenever you need it.


  • Claim reporting and acknowledgment is available 24/7 either online or by telephone. You will be contacted within 24 hours of notifying us of a loss and immediately in the event of an emergency. In addition, insureds receive regular updates on the status of the claim.
  • Our aviation claims professionals are ready to respond 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with the authority to make critical decisions including loss payments to policyholders and appropriate loss payees
  • The claims team promptly analyzes each reported claim and a thorough factual investigation commenced. This permits us to make timely decisions concerning coverage, liability and damages and therby efficiently resolve claims.
  • Our claims team has access to our extensive network of aviation experts and attorneys to address the needs of each claim
  • We provide a fully trained and equipped emergency response team ready to rapidly deploy at a moment's notice to a major accident site


Expert attention with your interests in mind.


  • Our track record of providing prompt and thorough claims service including fair and equitable resolutions has earned the Old Republic Aerospace claim team a respected reputation in the industry
  • Our Best Practices promote on-site inspections by our in-house claims professionals rather than relying on third-party adjusters and outside vendors
  • When a claim occurs or a lawsuit is filed, our insureds may need legal advice. Our insureds have the advantage of our global partnerships with experienced attorneys with aviation expertise.
  • Our customers benefit from our access to a broad network of aviation resources including appraisers, engineers, technicians and investigators that offer valuable professional support

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