FAA Medical Certificates & COVID-19 Notice


Gary Churchill

Executive Vice President & COO



April 2nd, 2020


FAA Medical Certificates | COVID 19 Notice


Dear Valued Brokers:


Due to the Covid-19 virus outbreak it may be difficult or impossible to renew pilot medical certificates.  Per the FAA announcement on March 27, 2020 (copied below) Old Republic Aerospace will not hold any pilot in violation of the terms and conditions of the policy that may require a current and valid medical certificate if the certificate lapsed between the dates of March 31, 2020 and June 30, 2020.  Pilots with medical certificates that lapsed between these dates will have until August 31, 2020 to renew their certificates and be in compliance with policy requirements.

 Pilot Medical Certificates

 The FAA will not take enforcement action against certain pilots or flight engineers who fly with medical certificates that expire between March 31, 2020 and June 30, 2020. COVID-19 is placing a severe burden on the U.S. healthcare system. Requiring pilots to undergo in-person medical examinations would further stress the healthcare system, and would increase the risk of transmitting the virus through personal contact between the doctor and the applicant.  https://www.faa.gov/news/updates/?newsId=94991



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