Information for Our Brokers and Customers Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Business Continuity

Old Republic Aerospace continues to monitor developments related to Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its impact on our employees, brokers, and customers.

Our Company’s business continuity and disaster recovery plans are aimed at maintaining our day-to-day operations while supporting and serving all those involved in our insurance operations. We are continually reviewing plans, evaluating impacts and communicating relevant updates with employees and stakeholders.

Our Brokers and Customers

The health and welfare of our brokers and customers is a top priority. For brokers and customers in areas experiencing a COVID-19 outbreak, please communicate with your Old Republic representative to discuss potential service solutions that may be available. Following through on our commitment to our brokers and customers is of paramount importance as we all carry forward.

Our Vendors and Suppliers

We are maintaining communication with vendors and suppliers and continue monitoring their business continuity and disaster recovery planning, as well as availability for support at appropriate service levels.

Our Commitment

Old Republic’s strength has been to manage for the long run, adapting to the world in which we live. Our employees remain calm and committed, while working together with our brokers, customers, partners, vendors, suppliers, etc. We believe that, together, we can productively navigate through the challenges presented by COVID-19.


For general inquires to our Company, please contact your local representative.