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    Providing peace of mind when you take to the skies.

    Since 1983, Old Republic Aerospace has been a leader in providing peace of mind to owners and operators of pleasure and business aircraft by protecting both their property interests in the aircraft and the potential liability to their passengers and the public. While much has changed in the industry, our goal has remained the same; to deliver the highest level of security, stability and service to our clients. If an accident should occur, our policyholders will value having our dedicated, in-house claim team immediately at their side.

    Our dedication to service begins upon the initial contact with an aviation insurance broker. Old Republic Aerospace was one of the early adopters of Internet technology in the aviation insurance arena by providing an online quoting tool to agents. Our brokers and insureds are now utilizing our 3rd Generation Online System (G3 OLS), which delivers instantaneous turnaround of insurance quotations, requests for policy issuance and production of certificates of insurance that may be needed by a lender or an airport.

    Our products and services cover a wide variety of piston powered, fixed-wing aircraft including:

    • Conventional gear (tailwheel) aircraft
    • Single engine tri-gear aircraft - fixed and retractable
    • High-performance single engine aircraft - fixed and retractable
    • Pressurized single engine aircraft
    • Multi-engine aircraft
    • Cabin class (pressurized) multi-engine aircraft
    • Seaplanes - straight float and amphibious
    • Special light sport aircraft
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