Commercial Aviation

    Safeguarding a wide range of general aviation risks.

    Commercial aviation provides critical services to airports, aircraft owners and operators, as well as numerous other aviation related entities. These businesses face a unique and broad set of risk challenges. Old Republic Aerospace understands these multifaceted exposures and provides insurance coverages specific to the needs of commercial aviation businesses including:

    • Unmanned Aerial System Operations (UAS)
    • Flight schools
    • Privately owned airports
    • Fixed-base operators (FBO)
    • Maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) operations
    • University flight programs
    • Charter Services
    • Aerial photographers
    • Sight-seeing operations
    • Aircraft repair and service facilities
    • Fueling operations
    • Other commercial aviation operations
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    Pay-By-The-Hour Insurance Program

    Old Republic Aerospace has created a proprietary program to help commercial operators manage their expenses. The Pay-By-The-Hour Insurance Program (PBTH) is an industry first enabling a commercial operator's aircraft insurance premium to fluctuate monthly with the hourly aircraft utilization.

    With the PBTH program, the insurance premium will be lower in those months when flying hours decrease (bad weather, maintenance, fewer students, etc.) and higher when the flying hours increase corresponding with an increase in revenue. However, the insured will likely pay less and NEVER more than the agreed annual premium no matter how many hours are flown. Contact your aviation broker to learn more.

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