NATA Workers' Compensation Safety Program

    The National Air Transportation Association (NATA) is proud to offer a member benefit that puts your workers' compensation insurance program to work for you.

    NATA member benefits:

    • Competitive rates
    • Additional savings for participating companies based on group performance in the form of a Good Experience Dividend (GED)
    • Underwritten by Old Republic Aerospace

    The NATA Workers' Compensation Safety Program was developed to provide high-quality coverage at competitive rates for NATA member companies.

    All NATA members who operate aviation-related businesses are eligible for this insurance program regardless of size or member category. This includes businesses engaged in pilot training, charter services, fuel and ground services, aircraft maintenance services, and other related general aviation services.

    Insurance coverage is provided by: Old Republic Insurance Company. Dividends, if any, are declared by Old Republic International Corporation's Board of Directors and are dependent upon the NATA group loss experience and therefore are not guaranteed. Past dividends should not be considered as an indicator of future performance.

    Obtaining a quote is easy.

    NATA Member companies that are not participating in the Group Safety Plan but would like to know more should contact their local aviation insurance agent.  NATA Group Safety Plan Supplemental Application

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