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    Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada has long focused on providing a range of customized insurance products and solutions for the many niche markets we serve. We are proud to introduce a new product for the light aircraft owner and operator. This hull & liability policy form delivers a broad range of coverage which today's discerning aircraft owners and operators expect and were previously only available on turbine aircraft policies. This comprehensive coverage is offered in an easy to read, plain language format.

    While much has changed in the industry, Old Republic Canada's goal has remained the same; to provide the highest level of security, stability and service to our clients. Our dedication to service is evident throughout the entire customer experience, from quotation to underwriting to claim management. The online quoting tool we supply our brokers is capable of providing instantaneous quotes as well as instantaneous policy issuance; thereby streamlining the process for our clients. And, should our clients require claim service, they will value our team's dedication and experience.

    The PC500 Hull & Liability Aircraft policy form is presently marketed to piston-driven fixed-wing aircraft including:

    • Conventional gear (tailwheel) aircraft
    • Single engine tri-gear aircraft - fixed and retractable
    • High-performance single engine aircraft - fixed and retractable
    • Pressurized single engine aircraft
    • Multi-engine aircraft
    • Cabin class (pressurized) multi-engine aircraft
    • Sea planes - straight float and amphibious
    • Advanced ultralight aircraft
    • Amateur-built aircraft
    • Ski-equipped aircraft


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